The first Evening at Astachal in NU

On 10th of March 2014, We were having our Training session & around 12 in afternoon we were asked to move in a classroom on 2nd floor. It was something different as compared to the normal days of Training. We were told that a Higher Faculty of NU want to address us.

After waiting for 10 mins, a little old man having white hairs & a smiling face entered the Lecture hall with a laptop in his hand. He occupied the corner near the gate.

Our Training Head introduced him in a very different way. He said that “The mind who’s behind the  environment you see at NU, the infrastructure & the flora fauna is all because of this man standing in front of you”.

He was Air Cmde Kamal Singh AVSM, the Advisor-Infrastructure Services at NU. He connected his laptop with the projector & greeted us. He told us about all the facilities & technology which is used at NU to control pollution. As he had other lecture he briskly briefed about the technologies used at NU, he asked us to report in the same room in Evening by 6:15 & kept a suspense for the evening.

In evening it rain that day but the schedule work was not postponed. After having our snacks, we reported in the same room around 6:10 & waited for Mr. Singh. He came & asked us to follow him. After walking for 3-4 mins we changed the block moved to other building & on the second floor of the building near a gate it was written ‘Astachal’.

It was an open area with a staircase type seating arrangement. The cases were having water drops because of the rain, still we managed to sit their. It was 6:30 pm & the sun was about to set. Mr. Singh after few seconds started telling about Astachal.

‘Astachal means Sunset. The birds chirps you are hearing is different from what you hear in the morning, right now its a way to inform all other birds to come back home.’ For me listening to him was an extraordinary experience as the silence & his words were making a beautiful atmosphere. He shared what a Baba ji once said to him during one such session in his college days. Baba ji once said to him “You can see the Light, Light is in you, You are the Light”.

In the end of the session he asked us to  watch the sunset & relax for 5 mins. I felt very different in those 5 mins the silence was just amazing, the birds chirping & the breeze all were just making it very different, It’s tough to explain what i was feeling like.

For me Astachal is like the Peace Zone in NU.
Its like that one place where you can sort of plug in your headphones, and collectively deal with all your issues at the same time, in your head. Thank God i went to that place, because every once in a while there are all these issues collectively waiting for us.